Peters Cartoon


From Jenny and Tony



Dear Beth & Susanne ( Or should it be the cat ladies! )


Thank you both very much for making us so welcome on Drejo and in your home.


It was lovely to look around Gl Elmegaard and see the beautiful furniture, decorations and costumes. The most moving part was to see Peter's studio with all the pictures and his personal things. It was almost as if you expected him to walk in any moment. Thank you also for taking us to his grave this was also a very emotional time for us both and we now feel we have said our goodbye to him at last. The church was very beautiful and thank you for showing us around.


We have just been out to buy some frames for the cat pictures and will put them up in our lounge with the two owl pictures we already have. The four small owl pictures will also be put in a frame and will hang with the others. We are going to give the four small cat pictures to Jacky so she can also have a memento of Peter. We have copied the cartoon Peter did when he was young and we are enclosing this as a separate file. We do not know when it was painted or who the man is supposed to be as there was no writing in the frame with it. Also thank you for the video it is so lovely to hear and see Peter and to see your beautiful island in the good weather. We can see why you fell in love with it and Gl Elmegaard.




Thank you also for all the wonderful food we had with you both and for showing us around your home. It was good to see all the books and pictures and birds and the wonderful views you have from the house. You both have a very lovely house and is definitely not ugly.


Unfortunately we did not have the best weather for our visit.The island must look very beautiful in the sunshine. But still it was good to drive around with you and see the island. It would be good to come back some time in the good weather and have a walk around the island and perhaps see the deer.    


When we have got a copy of the video of Peter when he was young we will send it to you.


Well goodbye for now and thank you again for a good time.


All our love

Jenny & Tony 


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